From examinations and adjustments to full or partial dentures, Economy Dentures is equipped to handle all your dental needs. To help you understand your options, we've included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.

Fee Schedule  
Exam & Panoramic X-ray
Infection Control
Try-in Fee
Office visit $12
Limited $40
Toothache exam
Economy Dentures
Full upper or lower denture
$99 (with restrictions)
per arch
Classical Dentures/Partials
Full upper or lower denture*
 $299 per arch
Full upper or lower partial*
$399 per arch
*try-in and infection control not included
starting at $69
Each repair
Adding additional tooth
Adding clasp
Rebase and Reline*
Rebase Lucitone
Rebase Hi Impact
Soft Permanent Reline
Soft Temporary Reline
* Prices may be subject to change depending on condition of existing denture or partial
Premium Denture
Artic Denture (1 year warranty)
$650 per arch
Bleached Teeth Denture (1 year warranty)
$650 per arch
Artic Light Denture (2 year warranty)
$850 per arch
Deluxe Dentures
Vita Dentures (2 year warranty)
$1050 per arch
Vita Light Denture (3 year warranty)
$1250 per arch
Full Metal Palate Denture (3 year warranty)
$1150 - $1850 per arch
Partial Dentures
Flexible Partials (3 year warranty)
$1850 per arch
Cast Metal Partials $950 per arch
  *prices subject to change